Youth Education

Mayim Rabim services are family-friendly and often include children in the service. At many services (see notes re: upcoming events) and during the High Holidays, children ages three and up can participate in classes that introduce them to the Reconstructionist tradition in a nurturing, small classroom setting, learning about the prayerbook and the important points on the Jewish calendar, history, arts and crafts, basic Hebrew, and Jewish values.

Adult Education

Mayim Rabim offers regular adult education sessions on a variety of topics which are led by Rabbi Stiefel, lay leaders from the congregation, or outside speakers. Topics have included: "An Exploration of Reconstructionism", "Tikkun Olam, Sustainability, Eco-Kosher and Caring for Creation", "Jewish Spiritual Paths", "Who is a Jew," "Jewish Mourning Practices", and "Deepening our Connection to the Jewish Holiday." Any suggestions for future adult education sessions are always welcome.

No previous knowledge is required to attend any adult education event at Mayim Rabim.

For more information, or to make program/discussion topic suggestions, contact us.